Antigua and Barbuda passport: Purchase real estate for half a price until October 31 & obtain second citizenship

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Kristina Ruzhilo 19.11.2018


On April 11, 2018, the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda approved 3 major changes to the Citizenship by Investment Program. What should investors interested in getting the Caribbean passport expect in 2018?

Now a person can get the country citizenship by investing at least $200,000 in real estate

This offer is temporary and has become effective as of May 1, 2018. The minimum contribution in property corresponds to $400,000. The offer is available only until October 31, 2018, the due amount can be divided between two applicants (each candidate is to pay $200,000). The investment must be carried out jointly in one object. One will also have to pay the additional fees for application processing and due diligence.

It is worth noting that starting from April 2, 2018, the same offer has been valid in Saint Kitts and Nevis. Two candidates for the passport of this country can make a joint contribution in real estate, $200,000 each. However, the object retention term in this case reaches 7 years. In case the investor individually contributes at least $400,000, it is allowed to sell the object in 5 years.

Until November 1, 2018, one can also buy the passport of Antigua and Barbuda by contributing at least $100,000 into the government fund. After that date, the minimum sum will be increased up to $200,000. With the additional charges taken into consideration, an individual applicant will pay about $132,800 for citizenship, while the cost for an investor with 3 dependent family members will be around $145,400.


Antigua and Barbuda passport: Purchase real estate for half a price until October 31 & obtain second citizenship | Migronis


Due diligence during the passport renewal removed

The passport of this Caribbean country is issued for 5 years and can be renewed for similar period. The investor previously had to undergo due diligence and pay additional fees when the passport was being renewed. There is no such requirement anymore.

Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship is even more beneficial for investors with families

The age policy has been made more attractive. The age threshold for dependent parents has been reduced from 65 to 58. Now the investor can include them into the collective application, without additional fees to be charged.

Another requirement removed: dependent children under 18 do not need to visit Antigua and Barbuda for 5 days in the first 5 years. However, when they turn 18, they must fulfill the requirements regarding residence and oath swearing.

5 reasons why investors obtain Antigua and Barbuda’s passport

  • Traveling visa-free throughout the world. The passport of Antigua and Barbuda opens the borders of 130+ countries and territories. Thus, upon getting the Caribbean citizenship, you can stay up to 90 days per year in the Schengen and EU area and up to 180 days in the UK territory.
  • Assets protection. You can use your new passport to open an account in a reliable European bank.
  • Tax burden reduction. World income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax — you will not find these in Antigua and Barbuda. Moreover, here you can obtain a tax certificate. Other Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment do not provide this opportunity.
  • Opportunity to obtain a long-term visa to the USA.
  • Process confidentiality. The information about a second passport issuance is not disclosed to the third parties.


The case is submitted by a certified agent. The passport application process takes from 3 to 5 months.

Interested in more detailed information about Antigua and Barbuda CBI program? Contact us!

  • We offer free consultations, understanding how important it is for the client to make the only correct decision.
  • We work only in the field of investment immigration, integrating gained experience into the investor’s goal.
  • We work only with official programs of the European Union and Caribbean countries.
  • Before signing the contract, we inform our clients about all additional fees and expenses.
  • We conduct a screening to assess the investor’s chances of obtaining the desired citizenship.
  • We oversee the process at each stage and work exclusively towards the result.
  • We are in touch 24/7.

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