Digest: Malta IIP: 70% of applications approved / Moldova CIP postponed till 2021? / Vanuatu introduces tax ID numbers

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Kristina Kurkuliak 28.02.2020

We prepared a digest of news that happened in the world of investment migration last week. Malta IIP to be re-launched due to quota fulfillment, Moldovan CIP is still on hold as the government to make its final decision, Vanuatu citizens now can get Tax Identification Numbers…

Re-Launch of Malta IIP as 70% of the max 1,800 applications had already been approved?

Alex Muscat, Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship program, stated on February 16 that Malta IIP is about to reach its quota of 1,800 approved applications. That is why the administration is in the process of re-launching the program. According to the new Prime Minister, Robert Abela, the program will definitely be extended, however, it’s possible some enhancements would be introduced as well.

Malta passport: from EUR 880,000, issued within 14 months, visa-free regime with USA, Canada & Australia, possibility to reside in the EU and Schengen countries, as well as the UK for 365 days a year, the state discloses you got its passport.

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Moldova CIP: When will the program start working again?

The moratorium on Moldovan CIP expired on February 20th, 2020, without a Parliamentary decision on the program’s future. According to Prime Minister Ion Chicu of Moldova, the government intends to extend the ongoing moratorium until 2021. At the moment, technically speaking, it’s possible to apply for Moldovan citizenship via CIP as the moratorium has now expired and the law remains unchanged.

While the government of Moldova is still undecided on the program’s future, we suggest you check out detailed information and cost for other programs in the section “Program comparison“.

Vanuatu CIP: Government introduces tax ID numbers

The Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue Department has finally introduced a system for issuance of Personal and Corporate “Tax Identification Numbers” (TIN). It’s not a secret that the provision of a TIN is mandatory when one opens a bank account in a Common Reporting Standard (CRS) signatory jurisdiction. It’s required for the automatic exchange of information under the CRS system. For Vanuatu citizens under CIP, this alteration to tax law is the most obviously relevant and, in some cases, beneficial.

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