Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Cabrits Resort Kempinski – officially approved real estate development project

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Kristina Ruzhilo 19.11.2018

Cabrits Resort Kempinski is a first real property object approved by the government of Dominica within its passport program. The project has a high potential since this is the only high-profile hotel in Dominica. The resort is located in Douglas Bay and surrounded by the Cabrits National Park. The opening is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

The developer responsible for the project already has a track record of several successful projects, among which is Park Hyatt St. Kitts. The hotel opened its doors on November 1, 2017, and is considered one of the best resorts in the Caribbean. Its annual yield is 5-6%.

Cabrits Resort Kempinski: profitability, transaction structure, insurance

What is the expected profitability the investors interested in the Cabrits Resort Kempinski project may have in their sights? At the stage of construction of the facility, they may have 2% per annum from the amount of investment, and after opening, they may rely on 6% per annum. The interest starts to be paid from the date of investing in the real property item. At the end of the year, each shareholder receives all the necessary financial information concerning income and expenses. The cost of the company’s services makes around 10% of the income.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Cabrits Resort Kempinski - officially approved real estate development project | Migronis

Construction of Cabrits Resort Kempinski

The minimum cost of a share in a hotel is $220,000. What is the structure of the transaction? First of all, the copies of client’s documents should be provided. The client pays an advance deposit, and a due diligence check is conducted. As soon as the approval is received, the sale and purchase agreement is signed and the remaining funds are paid.

Important note: there are no additional costs to be paid by the client, except for a single government fee which is paid upon purchase. The funds can be invested on behalf of any person or company.

The client receives a loyalty card that allows him to stay at the hotels of this hotel network all over the world, to pay for a standard room and have a 25-30% discount. While the room that is offered is a Suite mini. At the hotel, in which a client has a share, he may stay at a discounted rate.

What happens to the investment and payments in case of a hurricane or unfinished construction? The developer works with a US insurance company. The construction period and the finished object are covered by the insurance. The total amount of insurance payments in case of force majeure is divided among all clients.

The stage of erection of the main structures in the Kempinski hotel is completed. Every 10 days a video from the construction site is sent out to the clients allowing them to monitor the construction progress.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Cabrits Resort Kempinski - officially approved real estate development project | Migronis

Construction of Cabrits Resort Kempinski

Dominica passport in exchange for investment: advantages

Buying a share in the Cabrits Resort Kempinski hotel is a way to obtain the citizenship of Dominica which has the following advantages:

  • Visa-free travel around the world. The Dominica passport allows visa-free access to 119+ countries and territories around the world, including the Schengen states (up to 90 days within any 180 day period) and the UK (up to 180 days a year).
  • Protection of assets. Holders of the Caribbean passport have the right to open an account with reputable banks in Europe.
  • A low tax regime. In Dominica, there are no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains and inheritance.
  • Possibility to obtain a long-term visa to the USA and Canada.
  • Discretion of the application process. There is no requirement to permanently reside on the islands.

The process is supervised by a certified agent. The passport is issued within 3-5 months. Important note: the period of retention of the property in Dominica is 3 years. As a comparison: in other Caribbean countries, real estate is prohibited to be sold during the period of 5 years. Grenada is an exception since it allows selling property in 4 years.

Interested in more detailed information about Dominica CBI program? Contact us!

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  • Before signing the contract, we inform our clients about all additional fees and expenses.
  • We conduct a screening to assess the investor’s chances of obtaining the desired citizenship.
  • We oversee the process at each stage and work exclusively towards the result.
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