MIGRONIS launches the “second citizenship for cryptocurrency” project with BANKEX

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MIGRONIS CITIZENSHIP, in association with the BANKEX, the platform that can transform different asset classes to a digital system providing it with liquidity and safety, and in cooperation with the Designated Agency of Vanuatu, has launched a new service which allows persons applying for the Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment program to make the required investment for citizenship via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ether).

Professionals from different companies and countries were involved in the project that designed and implemented the new service for the Vanuatu Economic Citizenship Program. Meanwhile, some Caribbean states are also considering the possibility of accommodating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in their CIPs. The only exception is Antigua and Barbuda. According to PM Gaston Browne who made this statement on July 23, 2018, Antigua & Barbuda’s CIP would henceforth accept payments in cryptocurrencies, as well as euros.

MIGRONIS CITIZENSHIP and BANKEX hope to further strengthen confidence and trust in the cooperation with the Vanuatu state agency, as well as to present the solution to potential partners in the Caribbean. In addition to the CIP-adopted cryptocurrency payment systems, MIGRONIS together with BANKEX can provide modern integrations of asset tokenization systems, the use of smart contracts in civil turnover, and other solutions for the digital economy.

Along with the technical implementation of the “second citizenship for cryptocurrency” project, MIGRONIS hopes to provide assistance in designing relevant legislation for a quicker adaptation to new market trends. The recent increase of the value of cryptocurrencies creates a new generation of investors and opens up a whole new market for residency- and citizenship-by-investment schemes. The opportunity to obtain a new passport from an independent island nation by using cryptocurrency as a payment method has never been more attractive for everyone involved.


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