Saint Kitts and Nevis on the map: Facts about the country a potential investor needs to know before applying for citizenship

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Kristina Ruzhilo 19.11.2018

A number of foreign investors who have already become the citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis has long exceeded 10,000 amounting to almost a quarter of the total population of the country. Experts predict that in 2018 this figure will increase significantly due to recent changes in the citizenship by investment program.

According to these changes, wealthy people will be able to obtain a new status for only $150,000. This proposal was introduced on April 2, 2018, after the temporary Hurricane Relief Fund has ceased to exist on March 31, 2018.

Saint Kitts and Nevis on the world map

The territory of this state includes two Caribbean islands with the same name, separated by the Narrows channel. The nearest continental city – Miami – is located in 2000 kilometers to the northwest. You can get to this island state by sea (on a cruise liner or on your own yacht with a call at the port of Basseterre or Charlestown) or by air.

There is a direct flight to St. Kitts from Miami. Also, you can get there without connections from Canada and United Kingdom. From London (Gatwick airport) to Basseterre (the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis) there are weekly flights of British Airways commercial aircrafts, which are accommodated by the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport. There are also the options with transfer: New York / Paris / Amsterdam-Saint-Martin-Saint Kitts / Nevis.

Getting to St. Kitts from Eastern Europe, from Russia for example, is possible only with a transfer in Cuba, or using one of the above options with a transfer in Paris, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.

Private flights between the Caribbean islands are carried out by the national air carrier. Regional air taxis take off from two airfields, namely Robert L. Bradshaw and Vance W. Amory (Nevis).

Saint Kitts and Nevis on the map: Facts about the country a potential investor needs to know before applying for citizenship | Migronis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Notably, from January to July 2017, the country was visited by about 700 000 people. During five years the number of tourists increased by 13.4%.

Saint Kitts is a magnet for sailing enthusiasts

A significant part of those applying for the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis are inveterate yachtsmen. The passport of this state gives visa-free access to the territorial waters and marinas of many coastal countries. But this is not the only factor the investors are driven by when choosing the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Not so long ago, a luxurious residential complex opened near the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis with its own marina – Christophe Harbor. The new facility was not ignored by yacht owners and yachting enthusiasts. Some yachtsmen even decided to purchase mooring sites for year-round use.

At the same time, more than 30% of the guests of this complex received St. Kitts passports by investing in the mansion houses of the Windswept Residence Club.

In addition to elite housing, sailing enthusiasts received a number of benefits such as the possibility of building a personal pier (subject to payment for a site in the Harbor Side cluster) and a full range of maintenance services for the yacht.

7 Reasons to apply for citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis

1. The cost of citizenship

Starting from April 2018, you have an opportunity to obtain the citizenship of Saint Kitts for a non-refundable contribution of $150,000 to the Sustainable Growth Fund. Also, there are two other options such as investing in a real estate item selected from a specific list approved by the government (at least $ 400,000) or donating to the SIDF ($ 250,000). Any of these options are much cheaper than the EU citizenship by investments, the cost of which is estimated at millions of Euros.

Important note! An investor may choose to equally share the investment amount of $400,000 in real estate object with another investor. In this case, each investor will be required to insert at least $200,000 to qualify for citizenship. The investment may be returned in 7 years.

Contribution to Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF)

Non-refundable contribution to HRF $ 150,000 $ 195,000 $ 195,000
Due Diligence Fees $ 7,500 $ 11,500 $ 15,500
Passport Fees $ 547 $ 1,641 $ 2,188
TOTAL $ 158,047 $ 208,141 $ 212,688
Non-refundable contribution $ 158,047 $ 208,141 $ 212,688

Main applicant      

Main applicant + Spouse + 1 child 3 years old    

Main applicant + Spouse + 2 children 13 and 19 years old   

Investment in approved real estate

Real estate investment $ 200,000 $ 200,000 $ 200,000
Due Diligence Fees $ 7,500 $ 11,500 $ 23,500
Government Fees $ 35,000 $ 65,000 $ 95,000
Passport Fees $ 547 $ 2 188 $ 3,282
TOTAL $ 243,047 $ 292 688 $ 321,782
Non-refundable contribution $ 43,047 $ 92,688 $ 121,782

2. Freedom of travel

You will be able to travel to 120 countries of the world without a need of getting a visa or receiving it on arrival at the airport. The passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis gives visa-free access to all Schengen states (90 days out of 180), as well as to the UK, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

3. High level of trust of foreign banks and companies

The Federation of Saint Kitts is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, whose citizenship program is recognized as a platinum standard due to its long-term of operation (since 1984) and the high level of moral conduct of its participants. As a result, St. Kitts and Nevis passport holders have no problem in opening their accounts in reliable international banks and establishing cooperation with foreign partners.

4. Discretion

The Government of Saint Kitts does not disclose any information about its citizens to third parties. The fact that you received the second citizenship and registered your assets using Saint Kitts’ passport will be kept in strict confidence.

5. Tax benefits

Citizens of this country do not pay gift, dividend and inheritance taxes. Also, the government does not impose tax deductions on capital gains, wealth and income from foreign companies. When buying a villa or other property, you will pay a tax amounting to 0-0.5% of the price. When registering a business in the country, you will pay a 25% income tax (instead of 35%, as in Europe) and 10-17% VAT.

6. Long-term visas to the USA and Canada

The passport of St. Kitts opens the way to obtaining long-term visas to the United States and Canada. With these documents at hand, you can forget about visa application procedures for 10 years. In addition, a Canadian visa allows you to stay in the country for up to six months during one visit.

7. Passports for the whole family in 2-4 months without the need to visit the country

You can apply for citizenship for yourself, your spouse and family members who depend on you financially. Applicant’s children less than 30 years of age and parents/grandparents above the age of 55 may also be included in the application.

The island attracts world celebrities

A small island country became known all over the world after it was visited by Princess Diana, who spent her vacation here in 1993 together with her sons Harry and William. The villas on the islands are rented by celebrities – TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, actor Sylvester Stallone, actress Meryl Streep and popular singer Britney Spears. In the spring of 2013, the founder of Telegram messenger and Vkontakte social network Pavel Durov became a citizen of this country, investing $ 250,000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation.

Saint Kitts and Nevis on the map: Facts about the country a potential investor needs to know before applying for citizenship | Migronis

Prince Harry visiting Saint Kitts and Nevis in November 2016

Passport statistics in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Apart from Pavel Durov, Saint Kitts’ passports were received by several thousands of wealthy foreign investors such as Roger Ver and Adam Bilzerian. The exact figures were announced by the Prime Minister Timothy Harris. During the period from 2005 to 2015, 10777 people became citizens of this Caribbean state.

The citizenship by investment program has been in operation since 1984; however, it gained its particular popularity only in the last decade. In the meantime, the number of new citizens of the country is increasing literally in geometric progression every year.

In particular, in 2005, 6 applicants were granted a new status, in 2006 their number was 19, in 2007 it was 75, in 2008 – 202, in 2009 – 292. It is worth mentioning that after the abolition of the visa regime for the Schengen countries in 2009, the flow of investors has increased rapidly. In 2010, 664 people acquired the new status, 1092 in 2011, 1758 in 2012, 2044 in 2013, 2329 in 2014, and 2296 in 2015.

Saint Kitts and Nevis on the map: Facts about the country a potential investor needs to know before applying for citizenship | Migronis

Today, the natives of 127 states enjoy the second citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The greatest interest in the citizenship by investment program was shown by the residents of Europe and Asia.

Do not miss the chance to acquire the citizenship of Saint Kitts for $150,000

Cease the moment and start preparing a package of necessary documents to apply to the relevant bodies of St. Kitts and Nevis. Find a certified agent or ask us to do all the necessary preparations for you. If you wish to include in the application your spouse and children, the investment amount will be $195,000 (donation option) and $200,000 (real estate option), plus additional fees.

Interested in more detailed information about Saint Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship by investment program? Contact us!

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