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Kristina Kurkuliak 15.11.2019

A second passport is a must-have for a modern business person. Over the past years, there has been an urge in the number of respectable businessmen and financially independent individuals obtaining second passports for themselves or the whole family.

Over 36% of high-net-worth individuals worldwide (with a net worth in excess of US$30 million) already have a second passport.

Second passport or residency permit in another country helps to solve a number of issues. During an event on the 21st of November in Zurich, Switzerland, we are going to introduce you to the world of new possibilities you probably didn’t know existed.

Agenda for the event

Here are some topics that will be discussed at the UHNWI SWISS BUSINESS CLUB event:

  1. Where and why do wealthy people buy second citizenship and residence permit?
  2. What do I need a “Plan B” for me, my family & my business? How second passport or residency permit in another country would help? Overview of the best passport/residency programs.
  3. Top countries with a high standard of living and low taxes. For those who wish to manage business remotely.

Speaker of the event

Speaker Sergey Molibog

Our speaker, Serhii Moliboh, has 15 years of experience in the field of international tax structuring: in relation to both personal and commercial assets. He previously worked at PwC, Baker & McKenzie, Deloitte, KPMG and BDO.


Time and location of the event

Venue: HATO Restaurant.

Address: Brandschenkestrasse 20, 8001 Zurich.

Start: 18:00, 21st of November.

Dress Code: Business & chic

Get a free consultation

If you can’t attend this event, you can still get a free consultation with immigration & tax expert.

Serhii Moliboh & other MIGRONIS experts are ready to consult you on:

  1. Second citizenship and residence permit by investment.
  2. “Plan B” for your business.
  3. Tax planning.
  4. Etc.

Please click ‘Send request’ button below or give us a call +351 308 806 924

A couple of words about the benefits of second passport

A second citizenship is not just a whim but one’s pass into a fulfilling life. Here is a small list of advantages you could get if you obtain a second passport by investment:

  • The right to travel around the world visa- and generally restriction-free. More than 130 visa-free countries on the list.
  • The opportunity to invest smartly and safely in countries with simplified tax systems.
  • One’s “Plan B” in case of force majeure happening in their native country.
  • Total anonymity. No information is disclosed to third parties about one’s acquisition of a second passport.
  • The opportunity to stay/reside for any number of days in one’s native country or the country of second citizenship.

An opportunity for the whole family (spouse, children, and parents) to travel, reside, study in the country of second citizenship.


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