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Multiple ways exist to relocate to the EU but the surest and most effective of them is to obtain residence or citizenship by investing in the host European country’s economy. The Republic of Cyprus is among the EU countries that offers this opportunity, available to a narrow circle of affluent individuals.

After the economic crisis of 2012-2013, the Republic of Cyprus started looking for new ways to replenish the budget. In 2014, the government launched a citizenship by investment program known officially as the Scheme for Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception.

To date, Cyprus is absent from offshore zone lists in many countries, thus remaining relevant for investment and business purposes. The Cypriot program has best conditions both for making a profitable investment and getting a second passport.

Since its launch and until early 2017, more than 2,000 investors from non-European countries have participated in the program. Most applicants are from Russia, China, and the Middle East.


  • Visa-free access to more than 158 territories and countries, including Schengen, EU countries and United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong etc
  • No income or wealth tax
  • Dual citizenship is allowed
  • No physical residency requirement
  • All family members may obtain citizenship within 6 months
  • Citizens of Cyprus can get long term visas to the USA
  • No language, medical test or interview interview requirements
  • Applicants and their families that gain citizenship in Cyprus gain the full rights of EU citizens and have the ability to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union

Investment options

1. First option

Investment in residential, commercial properties or development projects minimum investment needed is 2.000.000 EUR.

2. Second option

Investment in government bonds, assets of Cypriot businesses minimum investment needed is 2.000.000 EUR

3. Third option

Acceptable combination of options minimum investment needed is 2.000.000 EUR (500.000 EUR to government bonds + 1.500.000 EUR to other assets)

Other costs:

Taxes, government fees

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Example of all expenses

Step by step procedure


Checklist of documents

Real estate market overview (infographic materials)


Usually the process takes up to 6 months.

Absence of sanctions and restrictions or prohibitions to entry the EU, USA, UK and Canada Ability to confirm the legality of the source of income and available capital

A background free of bankruptcies and previous convictions and a favorable credit history are welcomed Good health

Who can obtain the Cyprus citizenship with the main applicant?

A spouse

Applicant’s children under the age of 18

Applicant’s children who has reached the age of 18 but is under 28 years old and are studying at university

Parents of the main applicant or heir spouse. Additional requirement is a real estate purchase for at least 500.000 EUR

Children who are born after getting citizenship by parents will obtain the citizenship for free

Before you apply for citizenship we will perform the background check for free

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5 simple steps to obtain
the Cyprus PASSPORT

CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT Cyprus - buy Cyprus passport

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  • 1Select the real estate or development project from the list
  • 2Finalize an agreement and make payment on escrow account
  • 3Fill out the application forms, provide the necessary documents for legalization.
  • 4Visit Cyprus at once and get residence permit (3 months after application)
  • 5Receive Cyprus passport (3 months after obtaining residence permit)

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Citizenship by investments is the official state program of the Cyprus You will cooperate directly with developers and Cyprus attorneys. This excludes any possible fraud with money

We provide the preliminary background check, analyze risks and submit a preliminary report Money will be hold on escrow account until you get passport. You only pay for the result!


The Cyprus Citizenship Program knows no competition in flexibility of investment options, not just in Europe, but in the world. Foreign nationals have at their disposal all the tools for effective investment. The passport of the Republic of Cyprus can be obtained in record time - 6 months or even sooner. If one already owns property in Cyprus, it can be included in the citizenship by investment application on two conditions. Its cost must meet the required investment amount, and the purchase must have been made not earlier than 3 years prior to applying for a second passport. The Cyprus property market is one of the most diverse in the Mediterranean region. According to official statistics, there was a 12.8% increase in construction permits issued to Cyprus construction companies in 2017, as compared to the previous year. Fashionable selection of cozy bungalows, exclusive apartments with terraces and seafront penthouses are available for purchase in the Minthis Hills in Paphos, ONE, Limassol Marina in Limassol, among other luxury locations. The latter choice looks especially appealing for yachting enthusiasts. Prices start from €1.2-2 million. According to the Cypriot CyprusMail newspaper, the citizenship by investment program earned over €3.3 billion by the end of 2016. The main influx - €654 million - was directed to the banking sector, to deposit accounts. Close to €464 million of foreign investments went to real estate sector, and €410 million to government securities. Now that the option of bank deposit had been abolished, real estate and business investment are considered to be most beneficial ways to acquire a second passport. In the World Bank's 2017 ease of doing business ranking, Cyprus placed 45th out of 190 jurisdictions, ahead of Greece and Malta. The rating agency noted amicable tax rates and ease of setting up a company. According to the Financial Times, Cyprus ranks 7th out of the 12 European countries that offer citizenship through investment, thus notably triumphing over Malta, Bulgaria, Austria, among others. Corporate tax rate in Cyprus is the lowest in Europe at just 12.5%. The standard VAT rate is 19%, but it is possible to lower it to 5% (by buying property and meeting certain conditions), and to 0% (by buying secondary real estate in Cyprus). The Cypriot tax system permits one to minimize the business burden through tax planning mechanisms.

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