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By investing a certain sum in Cyprus’ real estate, the investor, along with family members, is eligible to apply for this country’s permanent residence. The Cypriot permanent residence permit is issued within 2 months. There is no need to renew it as the status is permanent and irrevocable. The residence holder can choose to stay within or outside the country, as there is no risk of violating conditions of the program. Permanent residence permit issued in Cyprus serves as a shield against unexpected situations at one’s home country. Respectable foreign entrepreneurs from all over the world have already participated in this program.


  • Fast processing - the procedure is over in just 2 months
  • Favorable taxation: low tax rates, international double taxation agreements
  • Possibility to establish a business and receive dividends
  • No constant physical presence in the country is required. It is, however, obligatory to come to Cyprus every 2 years
  • Residence permit applies by extension to the whole family included in the application (spouse, children under 25 years of age, parents and in-laws of the applicant)
  • Possibility to obtain Cyprus citizenship after 7 years of holding the residence permit

Investment options

1. Purchase of new immovable property

Minimum investment - 300,000 EUR plus VAT

2. Deposit with a Cyprus bank

Minimum capital - 30,000 EUR (will be locked for three years)

Other expenses:

- Proof of sustainable annual income - minimum 30,000 EUR (source of income must be outside Cuprys)

- 5,000 EUR - for every additional dependent child

- 8,000 EUR - for each dependent parent

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Checklist of documents

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The application processing takes up to 2 months. One visit to Cyprus is required for biometric capturing. Applicants must have a clean criminal record.

Absence of sanctions and restrictions or prohibitions to enter the EU and UK Absence of criminal record, no applicants are subjects of a criminal investigation Source of income and available capital must be legal

Excellent personal and business reputation Excellent credit score (the source of income must be legal and outside of Cyprus)

Who can obtain the Cypriot residence together with the main applicant?

Spouse/common-law partner

Financially dependent children (including unmarried students under the age of 25)

Dependent parents and in-laws

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CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT Cyprus Residency - buy Cyprus Residency passport


  • 1Sign the contract and make the first part of the payment
  • 2Open a deposit with a Cypriot bank
  • 3Fill out the application forms and provide all necessary documents for legalization
  • 4Wait for application approval
  • 5Receive the residence permit

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Residence by investment is the official government program of Cyprus You will work directly with a licensed agent. This excludes possibility of fraud or forgery

We provide a preliminary background check, analyze risks, and submit a preliminary report We will help you find suitable real estate option We charge our clients only after they obtain their residence permit. You are paying only for the end result.


Purchase of two or more real estate objects.
An applicant may purchase not just one but several real estate objects to meet the conditions of the program. The main criteria are that objects must be from the same developer, and total cost must be over 300,000 EUR. The objects can be:
- two flats or houses
- residential property plus shop (storage) under 100 square metres
- residential property plus office space under 250 square metres
Cypriot permanent residence permit for two or more families
An applicant with a child who is 25 years of age or above may choose to apply for a permanent residence both for their family and for a family of the child. In this case, the minimum investment in real estate must be over 600,000 EUR. If the investor has 2 adult children with their own families, then the real estate investment must be over 900,000 EUR. Each family must open a bank account In Cyprus with 30,000 EUR deposit and provide supporting evidence of annual income of at least 30,000 EUR (plus 5,000/8,000 EUR for each dependent family member).

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