Government program. Investment from € 300,000. Permanent residency for the whole family

Advantages of a permanent residency in Hungary

  • A unique European program of obtaining permanent residency without prior applying for a residence permit

  • Choosing the most convenient way of payment - from a personal account, company accounts, and even investments by third parties

  • Application process takes a month and does not involve additional commissions and payments

  • Permanent residence for all family members including parents, children over 18, and grandchildren

  • No need to confirm the origin of funds

  • Obtaining the right of residence in Europe for life without the need to renew the status


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  • Country information
  • Comparison with other programs
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Stages of the permanent residency application process

To qualify for a permanent residency in Hungary an applicant is not required to know the language or history of the state, neither he is required to reside in the country.


A contract signing with our company may be carried out in one of our offices or remotely. For drawing up the contract, you will only need to provide the copies of foreign passports for all family members.


We do all the work for you, you do not need to spend your time. We collect and prepare documents for filing for permanent residency in Hungary, arrange for their translation and apostilization, and our lawyer gives recommendations on filling out a form. You will only need to put your signature.


At this stage, we are submitting documents for consideration by the government of Hungary. Your personal presence is not required.


Once a positive decision of the government is issued, you are granted permanent residency in Hungary.


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