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Portuguese Golden Visa can later transform into permanent residency permit, and then into citizenship - the few European residence-by-investment programs offer this option. By investing in the Portuguese Golden Visa, the investor and their family members can use the unique opportunity to become fully-fledged European Union citizens in a 6 years’ time.

The investor is not required to stay in Portugal during the residence permit processing, and the applicants only actually have to come to Portugal once, to submit biometrics and collect their residence cards. To ensure that one’s Golden Visa is renewed, one has to spend 7 days per year in Portugal and pay the state fee for the issuance of new residence cards.

Over 5,000 foreign investors have successfully had their candidacies approved by the Portuguese government and received their Golden Visas since October 2012, according to latest statistics report issued in June 2017.


  • Visa-free access to all Schengen countries
  • Great opportunity for tax planning
  • After 6 years you may apply for EU citizenship
  • Physical residency only 7 days per year
  • Family members may obtain residency with main applicant
  • No language, medical test or interview requirements

Investment options

1. Real estate Investment

500,000 EUR in any type of real estate 350,000 EUR in the construction of which was concluded 30 years ago, or more 280,000 EUR in real estate located in urban regeneration areas whereby the value of this investment may be reduced by 20% from 350,000 EUR, provided it is made in sparsely populated areas

2. An investment on financing instruments

1,000,000 EUR investment to financing instruments (bonds, shares, stocks)

3. Job creation

Creation of, at least, 10 job positions, this requirement may be reduced by 20% (8 job positions) provided the investment is made in sparsely populated territories

Other costs:

The investment should be maintained for 5 years

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Usually the process takes up to 7 months. One visit to Portugal is required. Applicants must hold a clean criminal record

Absence of sanctions and restrictions or prohibitions to entry the EU, USA, UK and Canada Ability to confirm the legality of the source of income and available capital

A background free of bankruptcies and previous convictions, and a favorable credit history are welcomed Good health

Who can obtain the Potugese residency with the main applicant?

The spouse

Children under the age of 18

Dependent children regardless of age

Dependent parent and grandparents

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7 simple steps
to obtain the Portuguese golden visa and citizenship


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  • 1Make preliminarily background check and finalize an agreement
  • 2Choose an investment option and sign the agreement
  • 3Make an investment and fill out the application forms, provide the necessary documents for legalization and translation
  • 4Visit Portugal to apply and pay government fees at once
  • 5Approval decision from SEF (immigration office)
  • 6Receive residency identity cards. First residence permit is given for 1 year period, renewal for 2 years (twice)
  • 7Receive permanent residence permit after 5 years and citizenship after 6 years from the date of application for the first golden visa

We complete the work, so you are minimally involved in the process. Just send us list of docs for legalization and translation, make payments and visit Portugal

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Portugal Golden visa is the official state program which operates from 2012 You will cooperate directly with licensed portuguese attorneys. This excludes possible fraud with money or other issues.

We provide the preliminary background check, analyze risks and submit a preliminary report No limited real estate options. You can choose any real estate in a the market. You only pay for the results!


There are no requirements to purchase a government-approved realty object, as is the case for some of the other European residency and citizenship by investment programs. The main criterion for the Portuguese program is the cost of the real estate. The majority of Golden Visas have been issued by the Portuguese government in exchange for real estate investment - that’s over 4,800 approved applications - thanks to vastly favourable conditions for this type of economic contribution. Both residential and commercial property acquisition is allowed (hotels, restaurants, private investment in culture development, etc.). It is possible to invest in several real estate objects, with the retention period of 5 years; in this case, their total cost must reach the required investment volume. Most suitable and popular real estate locations, in terms of investment, are in the Lisboa region (the Cascais e Estoril civil parish) and in the southern Algarve region (resort towns of Vale do Lobo, Vilamoura, Albufeira). Having analyzed available options on the global migration services market, it would be safe to say that the Portuguese Golden Visa program is the best pick for those who are aiming to obtain European residence permit. Portugal’s program is appealing in terms of its cost. Spain, for instance, requires for a minimum investment of €500,000, with finer options starting at €1 million. The Portuguese authorities are quite indulgent towards the Golden Visa program applicants, as only basic language knowledge is required to pass a simple test, and there are no age restrictions for the main applicant and dependants included in the application. But the prime feature of the Portuguese program is the possibility to easily obtain citizenship in the future. In 2017, Portugal placed 25th out of the 190 world countries in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rating. Portugal’s Golden Visa is a brilliant opportunity to broaden your tax planning opportunities and enhance business efficiency. Many world-famous celebrities have chosen Portugal as their favourite relaxation haven. Madonna’s mansion cost her €6 million, actor Michael Fassbender has purchased a €2 million apartment in the heart of Lisbon in May 2017, and actress Monica Bellucci bought an apartment in the same building where French designer Christian Louboutin lives.

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