Benefits of residence permit in France

  • Visa-free entry and travel across the Schengen

  • A possibility to stay and reside directly in France

  • In 5 years one can obtain a 10 year Carte de sejour which in fact is permanent residency

  • A possibility to obtain the citizenship of France after 10 years of permanent residence in France

  • No requirement to permanently reside in France

  • Social and political security


Terms and requirements to obtain a residence permit of France

Normally, the process takes up to 2 months. Investors must meet the following criteria:

  • Be older than 18

  • Qualify for the program

  • Have a special D type visa issued by the consulate of France at the place of residence

  • Have real estate in France (rent or ownership)

  • Have at least € 15,600 on a bank account

  • Have a steady and regular income to support oneself and one’s dependents

  • Have a health insurance contract for each applicant

Who can obtain the residence permit of France together with the main applicant?

  • A spouse

  • Children under the age of 18


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Complex investment

Availability of real estate in France

Rent or purchase without restrictions on the value of real estate

Availability of income confirmed by documents

€ 15,600 – a minimum amount of funds in a bank account in France or any other bank or;

€ 1,300 – income per month for each listed in the application

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Answers to frequently asked questions and information about France

Who can obtain the residence permit together with the investor?

Children younger than 18;
Former spouse cannot obtain residence permit;
A marriage certificate from a third country may be provided.

Can children from previous marriages get a residence permit?


How is the financial dependence of children on the main applicant confirmed?

The documents confirming financial dependence shall be provided. For children - a certificate from the place of study.

Can married children be granted residence permit?

No, in this case, they do not fall under the category of dependents.

For how long is a residence permit valid?

Residence permit is issued for 1 year with its subsequent renewal for the same period (children younger than 18 years old receive a 5-year card). After holding a residence permit for a 5-year period a Carte de sejour (permanent residence) is granted. After 10 years of permanent residence, the citizenship may be obtained.

Is it required to visit the country to apply for residence permit?

Yes, all applicants must make at least 1 entry to France in order to submit documents.
After entering the country, applicants are waiting for an invitation from OFFI (the timeframe for receiving an invitation can be up to 3 months). You cannot leave the country while waiting for an invitation.

Is it required to reside in the country and know the language to maintain a residence permit?

In order to comply with the conditions of the residence permit program of France, applicants do not need to move to France or stay there for a certain number of days a year;
Knowledge of language is not required.

Do I need to know the language and reside in the country to obtain citizenship?

Yes, a 10-year permanent residence, knowledge of French and tax residency status are required to obtain a passport.

What is the procedure for obtaining citizenship?

After 10 years of permanent residence, the citizenship may be obtained (apart from a 10-year Carte de sejour it is required to have tax residency status and knowledge of French).

How is the application process and submission of documents carried out if our office is not available in the client's city?

All documents are sent by mail.

Fees for obtaining and renewal of a residence permit.

Issuance of a residence permit (per each applicant) - € 180 (in the first year);
Extension of residence permit (per each applicant) - € 266 (from the second year);
+ Consular fee for issuance of the card (per each applicant) - € 100;
+ Medical insurance contract (per each applicant) - from € 300.

Is it possible to visit Schengen countries, the USA and England with a residence permit of France but without a visa?

Visa-free travel to Schengen countries.

For how long can you stay in Schengen countries with a residence permit of France?

Up to 90 days per half-year period.

Is it possible to work in the Schengen countries with a residence permit of France without obtaining a work permit?

No, a work permit is required.

Do I need a visa to visit the United States and Canada with a passport of France?

No visa is required (one must register in electronic systems - eTA in Canada and ESTA in the USA).

What is the procedure for visa-free travels to the USA and Canada with a France passport?

Canada - 6 months a year without a visa, registration in eTA is required in case of arrival by plane);
USA - up to 90 days without a visa (ESTA);
UK - 6 months a year without a visa.

Is it required to provide any documents to confirm the origin of funds?

Confirmation of employment and/or ownership of business is required.

What documents are required to confirm the origin of funds?

Employment contract;
certificate of employment indicating the duration of work, position and salary/bonuses;
Copies of tax returns;
Certificate of state registration;
Company registration documents;
Company's financial report;
If the capital is accumulated through certain transactions - the sale of property, inheritance, gift - supporting documents are needed; One or several documents may be provided (the list is agreed upon when preparing the case).

Is it possible to transfer funds from a source other than a personal account?

No. Money should be transferred from the applicant’s personal account only.

Do I need to open an account in France?

No. Availability of documented income is required - at least € 15,600 on an account in France or any other country.

Is it possible to make payments in cryptocurrency?

So far there is no such possibility.

Conditions of acquiring tax residency

Tax resident status is assigned only to those who stay in the country for more than six months. If an investor is still interested in obtaining the status of a tax resident of France, he will need to prove that he spends at least 183 days per year in a country.

What additional documents may be issued?

Driver's license;
Tax number.

Is it required to visit a country to obtain these documents?


What is the minimum cost of the property?

There are no requirements to cost and location; however, it is preferable to choose a property on a “1 room per 1 applicant” basis.

Duration of retaining an object to maintain a residence permit?

To maintain the status, permanent ownership of real estate is required.

Is it possible to invest in any object or is there a specific list?

You are free to choose any object for investment.

What document confirms ownership?

The real estate lease or sale contract.

What is an actual duration of residence permit application process?

The lease or sale of real estate.

The real term of registration?

Up to two months plus waiting for an invitation from OFFI (the timeframe for receiving an invitation can be up to 3 months).

What happens in case of concealment of information or providing false data?

Refusal in grant of a residence permit.
The current status can be revoked if the beneficiary committed a serious crime.

What are the reasons for refusal?

- provision of false information;
- availability of a criminal record or pending criminal proceedings in any country of the world;
- posing a potential threat to public order, national security or the reputation of France.

French Passport Rating

French passport is ranked 3th (out of 106), according to the 2018 rating of passports for freedom of movement.

Information about France

GDP in 2011 - $ 2,583 bln. (increased by 4.75% compared to $ 2,466 bn in 2010);
The population in 2018 is 65 349 354 people;
The capital is Paris;
Sectors of the economy - industry, agriculture, winemaking, energy and mining, trade and services, tourism;
Doing Business 2017 ranking - ranked 31 out of 190, according to the ease of doing business.