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Did you consult with other migration agents, and why have you ultimately chosen Migronis Citizenship?

Yes, I contacted some other companies, but I’ve chosen Migronis because of the following reasons:

  • Client-oriented approach. They don’t see you as just another client, but as a VVIP. They are open for negotiations and are eager to offer best possible option.
  • Flexibility
  • Quick responce
  • Managers are available 24/7, there is no such thing as business hours here
  • They’ve fulfilled each and every point of the contract and kept in touch even after the deal was closed. 

Does Migronis have any features that make us stand out among other companies?

Yes, the way you approach and work with clients. The response to my email was almost instant, no hidden fees, professional communication.

Was our report on the program and total budget fulfilling, or did we miss something?

As I’ve said, I’d consulted with several other companies and knew the cost of the program beforehand. However, nobody bothered to explain the catch with additional fees and expenses, and what payments should be done at which stage. Your report made it all clear.

Did you meet any difficulties during the process, and how quick those issues were resolved?

There were no major difficulties. I submitted all necessary documents, the rest was done by Migronis team. They simply updated me on the process. Small issues were resolved in time, without my active participation. I’m truly grateful to Migronis for the stress-free paperwork.



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At first, I wanted to work with another company that advertised itself in a very appealing way, but, after talking to their representative, I felt that they lacked professionalism. The Migronis representative, however, impressed me with her professional approach and competence. She answered the questions I didn’t even voice out loud. There were no issues whatsoever during the paperwork process. I will highly recommend your company to anyone who is interested in a second passport, as I’m very pleased with the result!



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I’ve contacted Migronis to resolve the issue with my Italy residence application rejection. My wife and I planned to relocate to Italy, enrolled our children in schools, signed up for Italian language courses, but the Italian authorities have rejected our candidacies due to a technicality. We had no time to lodge an appeal, so, after a consultation with Migronis specialists, we decided to apply for a Latvian residence status. Which we successfully obtained in just 2.5 months.

With this Latvian permit, we resided in Italy for about 6 months, there were absolutely no issues. After the 6 months in Italy, we’ve applied for Italy’s residence permits and, this time, obtained them. No questions were asked, neither in Latvia, nor in Italy.

Migronis’ lawyers handled all the documentation, constantly reported on the progress, and provided consultation. We are thankful for your analytical approach, and especially the help you provide even after the case is successfully closed.





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I had some reservations about the legal side of the matter and the final document. I was also concerned about my underage child’s status processing. I was researching companies that provide consultations on residency and citizenship planning, and came across Migronis. After the initial phone conversation, I kept contacting them for a week or so, with various questions about my individual case. Migronis works with government-approved programs, so it helped to ease my mind.

The way they work with clients is quite appealing, and their approach to any matter is consistent. So they’ve helped me reach my ultimate goal, there were no hitches, they kept me updated.

Their trademark, I think, is caring about their clients’ money. We’re talking about a considerable amount of funds, and, at all stages, I knew how much I’m spending and for what purpose.

I’d like to thank them for their efforts and professionalism.



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I was really sceptical, initially. Had a hard time believing it’s that simple to obtain a status of a resident in virtually any country of my choice. I’ve had no difficulties working with Migronis whatsoever. They helped me arrange my papers, all was done quickly, efficiently and on schedule. Most importantly, you soon learn you’re working with people who take every nuance into account, starting from fetching you at the airport of a country you know little about. That’s really important, to feel the support when you’re practically alone and disoriented. This feeling was omnipresent during my 1-year-long cooperation with Migronis. Today, I’m considering myself half-European already, and I continue working with Migronis.



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I’ve contacted Migronis after my business partner recommended them. I’d already had a negative experience with another company working in the same field. Let’s say they weren’t able to finalize the paperwork on time. Also, I had some doubts on the processing complications, since most of family applied with me. Migronis proved the notion that if you’re a true professional, everything is possible. Thank you!



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We were planning for a grand move, since there were so many of us (my spouse and I, our 3 children, and my parents), so we were looking for an agency we could trust 100%. I am really, really picky when it comes to client service, and especially so when there is big money involved. From the get-go, Migronis consultants made it clear how important my case was to them. What sealed the deal was how they were upfront about the total cost, all the smallest fees were included and accounted for. So, my big thanks to the lawyers for exhaustive consultations, and especially for laying out the information in such a way everything was instantly understandable.

This kind of customer care is their key for success, I think.



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I’ve approached Migronis about a year ago, I was interested in getting European residency. Right from our first phone call, I was impressed by Migronis’ experts readiness to deal with all my queries, they were really thorough with explaining the details. We’ve had several Q&A sessions with the guys at Migronis, and never had it occurred to me that they were puzzled or didn’t know the answer to this or that issue. The consultations were free, by the way, I could ask for help virtually 24/7. And I received a lot of reports on the new developments.

So thank you for your attention to details, and your deep involvement in my case. I’m now a happy holder of Portugal’s residence permit, and I’m planning to relocate to Europe soon. Naturally, Migronis and I keep in touch, and I hope you guys will help me with the relocation.